Memberships and Affiliations

Canadian Network of Agencies of Regulation (CNAR)

CNAR is the federation of national organizations whose provincial and territorial members are identified in legislation as responsible for protection of the public through the self-regulation of professions and occupations. We maintain a subscription to CNAR in order to access information and resources that are relevant to a certification organization.  CNAR's mandate is to support the self-regulation of professionals and occupations. CNAR strives to increase the understanding of the Canadian public, governments and others, of the value of self-regulation; facilitate collaboration at the national level amongst our members, federal government agencies and other national and international groups; monitor and respond to federal legislation and policy; serve as an information clearing house on common issues; and develop and share resources.

Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE)

ICE, is a professional membership association that provides education, networking, and other resources for organizations and individuals who work in and serve the credentialing industry.  ICE is a leading developer of standards for both certification and certificate programs and it is both a provider of and a clearing house for information on trends in certification, test development and delivery, assessment-based certificate programs, and other information relevant to the credentialing community. As a proud member of ICE, we stay informed on best practices in developing and administering quality certification programs so that we may better serve you. BCRSP is proud to be a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence in show of our support of the credentialing community and our commitment to strive for excellence in our certification program.


International Network of Safety & Health Practitioner Organisations (INSHPO)

INSHPO is a global alliance of professional occupational safety and health (OSH) organizations with which BCRSP is affiliated. INSHPO’s mission is to advance Occupational Safety & Health through the exchange of evidence-based practices and the development of a harmonized framework for the profession. All professions must have professional standards – for ethical practice, educational learning outcomes in baccalaureate programs, credentials, and other factors affecting an individual’s qualifications. INSHPO is developing a Global Competency Framework for the OSH Professional – an international standard for OSH professionals. Key components in the INSHPO mission are the Global OSH Body of Knowledge and core competencies for OSH practitioners.




International accreditation demonstrates that a certification meets such high professional standards that it is recognized as a model credential worldwide. The Board has been granted accreditation to ISO 17024 by the Standards Council of Canada for the CRSP certification and is certified to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) by BSI Management Systems Canada Inc.