Testimonials that appear on this website may include how you have excelled since becoming certified, or what becoming certified has meant to you as an occupational health and safety professional. If you are an employer, the testimonial may speak to what benefit hiring a CRSP® has brought to your business or why you hire CRSPs.  If you are interested in contributing a testimonial, please contact the BCRSP office.

  • "At Manitoba Hydro, we use Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP) accredited safety professionals because they help us meet our safety first philosophy. Our safety professionals are trained to provide forward-thinking safety management and business expertise which helps the corporation to implement strategies that make it possible for us to be an industry leader in safety. They adhere to a high standard of ethics which charts a course for the entire corporation and enables us to better protect our employees, our facilities and our environment. I am very pleased with the work our safety professionals do for us at Manitoba Hydro."

    - K.A. (Kelvin) Shepherd, P.Eng.

    President and Chief Executive Officer, Manitoba Hydro

  • “…our business demands high standards in everything we do with safety being integral in the delivery of our services and results. Our prevention programs require strong safety professionals supporting our business leaders to set and maintain high safety expectations across the organization. The CRSP designation is our credential of choice when placing candidates in key environmental, health and safety roles. It’s good for business!…”

    - A. Harrington, P.Eng., MBA

    Vice President, Enbridge Inc.

  • “The CRSP designation establishes credibility in the development and presentation of a corporation’s health and safety programs. Individuals holding the designation have the skills to take such programs to the “best in class” level, where the results generally speak for themselves, which in turn, creates buy-in. There is no doubt in my mind of the value a CRSP brings to our organization. At Thunder Bay Hydro our current and previous lead health and safety professionals have held the CRSP designation and over the past 15 years the health and safety programs developed at the utility have resulted in our best ever results. Not just lost time, but overall improvements in all measures, significantly reducing costs in terms of real and untold dollars. Just as important, if not more so, the success has created a culture of awareness and doing things right and staying healthy. I’m confident in stating that our success would not be as great without the expertise a CRSP brings to the table.”

    - A. Covello, CHRP, SHRP

    Vice President Human Resources & Safety, Thunder Bay Hydro

  • “As a leading company in the Powerline Construction Industry we owe it to our employees, contractors and anyone working among us to be conscience of our safety responsibility. Safety requirements have become increasingly more complex and should not be taken lightly; Valard Construction LP takes this into consideration when hiring safety personnel. Having a CRSP on the executive team makes me proud of our accomplishments which include achieving OHSAS 18001 Certification and receiving the 2013 Canada’s Safest Company Award which included creating and maintaining an award winning Safety Management System reflecting all applicable legislation. Having an individual with the CRSP designation as part of our team brings to the organization a higher level of education, professionalism, knowledge and leadership, and more importantly is accepted in both our clients’ and our own boardrooms. I support hiring CRSPs in both managing and supervisory roles at all of our major projects at all locations in Canada.”

    - Victor Budzinski

    CEO, Valard Construction LP

  • “A CRSP designation is a guarantee of competence and know-how that acknowledges the person’s value and promises integrity and professionalism. Satisfying the requirements to obtain and maintain CRSP certification gives companies the peace of mind that they are working with a highly qualified resource.”

    - Jean Bruneau, CRSP/PSAC

    Directeur général, Association paritaire pour la santé et la sécurité du travail, secteur «Administration provinciale»

  • “The majority of the staff in our H&S divisions, either have the CRSP designation, or are preparing to sit the examination when they have the requisite amount of practical experience. We have no doubt that for H&S professionals the CRSP is the most important and respected H&S designation in Canada, and this in turn is recognized by our clients.”

    - Chris Kelson, CEO

    CEO, Risk Check

  • “Being a CRSP puts you at the top of the heap when it comes to HSE professional designations in Canada. Without having and maintaining my CRSP I would not be in the executive HSE position I currently hold today. Its important to our client base that they deal with an individual that has the attitude and skills to advance the profession and push the envelope with regards to HSE excellence and culture advancement.”

    - CRSP

  • “Holding the CRSP designation affords me the highest levels of competence, capability and assurance that my proven skills and abilities as an OHS professional will be recognized and utilized in any organization. The requirements of the designation for our commitment and knowledge base in the OHS profession, makes being a CRSP invaluable from the Field level to the Executive boardroom for any employer. Credibility through our benchmarked and recognized association makes being or hiring a CRSP the right decision for any safety professional or company. Our Canadian OHS playing field is quickly changing for the better as more and more safety practitioners attain the designation and high grade the industries we work in.”

    - Ephimios "George" Sgouromitis, CRSP

    Manager - Corporate HSSE, Gibson Energy

  • "As a CRSP, potential employers realize I bring more to the table. What sets CRSPs apart, aside from integrity, commitment and passion is the fact that the certification represents the highest degree of professionalism in the industry. That makes potential employers sit up and take notice. I wanted to be a CRSP to set me ahead of the pack"

    - Michael Amyotte, CRSP

    Manager, Occupational Health & Safety and Disability Management, City of Toronto

  • “The CRSP designation is a mark of excellence for our company’s safety department. To us, it signifies a level of maturity in safety systems thinking that is a valued part of our goal of building a “world class” organization.”

    - Linden Gossen

    National Health & Safety Manager, Sleeman Breweries Ltd